Outdoor house paint

Outdoor house paint

Facade house paints with different functions

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FEIDAL fascade paint pure acrylat, white house paint 10L

Extremely weather-resistant facade house paint with long-term durability and perfect covering effect.

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1 l = 6.47 €
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Delivery weight: 16.5 kg

FEIDAL silicone reinforced fascade paint, white 10L

FEIDAL with silicone reinforced - The paint for outdoor use with long-term weather protection

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1 l = 6.64 €
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Delivery period: 3 working days
Delivery weight: 16.5 kg

FEIDAL silicone resin fascade white, house paint 12,5L

Facade house paint for extreme weather conditions, protects against moss and algae. Reduces soiling tendency, roll-off effect.

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1 l = 8.82 €
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Delivery period: 3 working days
Delivery weight: 20.5 kg

GEIGER Chemie no.24 Anti graffiti finish

Anti Graffity Finish is a sacrifical protection layer for absorbent surfaces, which dries with a matte finish.

from 34.11 *

Delivery period: 3 working days

GEIGER no.23 Anti graffiti cleaner

The cleaning detergent is used to remove paint smears and graffiti paintings, biodegradable, short exposure time.

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Delivery period: 3 working days

HAWETOL spreading plaster

Plastic plaster for plastic, matt outdoor facade and interior coatings. Applicable by brushing. German quality product.

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1 kg = 3.36 €

Delivery period: 3 working days

LUCITE House Paint, white

Perfect for application on concrete, masonry surface, thermal insulation, plaster, fiber cement, old elastic coatings, wood, hard PVC, etc.

from 25.90 *

MIXOL universal tinting concentrate, 0,5L

Universal tinting concentrate can be used for coloring paints, laquers, decor coats, decor plasters etc.

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1 l = 42.06 €
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Delivery period: 3 working days
Delivery weight: 0.8 kg

SIGMA A+F Safe, 190ml

Film preservation agent for the algicidal and fungicidal treatment of water thinnable paint coatings.

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1 ml = 0.11 €
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Delivery period: 3 working days
Delivery weight: 0.4 kg

SIGMA coloured stone plaster, 18kg

Decorative synthetic resin plaster, available in different colored granule variants, for indoors and outdoors.

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List price 92.90 €
1 kg = 5.00 €
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Delivery period: 3 working days
Delivery weight: 19 kg

SIGMA Eurosil matt, white

Lightly filling, silicone-resin-modified facade paint with a silicate character based mainly on inorganic constituents.

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1 l = 6.76 €

Delivery period: 3 working days

SIGMA siloxane facade paint

For coating facades, dirt-repellent, excellent for thermal insulation composite systems and listed historical buildings.

from 38.61 *
1 l = 15.44 €

SIGMA Sol silicate facade paint

For high-quality new coatings and renovation paints. Tested and suitable for the renovation of old buildings and historic buildings.

from 116.91 *
l = 9.35 €

SÜDWEST Lotusan Therm

Silicon facade paint makes beautiful and dry facades. Dirt rolls off with the rain. Highest protection against algae and fungi.

from 85.41 *
= 17.08 €

SÜDWEST Lotusan, white

Facade house paint with Lotus-Effect®-technology and best natural protection against algae and fungi, without biocidal content

from 85.41 *
1 l = 17.08 €

SÜDWEST Silicon Therm facade paint SW, white

High-quality, water-repellent, silicone resin facade paint against the risk of an algae or fungal attack, e.g. with thermal insulation.

from 58.41 *
1 l = 11.68 €
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