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SÜDWEST Lotusan Therm

Silicon facade paint makes beautiful and dry facades. Dirt rolls off with the rain. Highest protection against algae and fungi.

from 119.90 *
= 23.98 €

SÜDWEST Bio Innensilikat, white

Low-pollutant, matt silicate paint with excellent covering characteristics for heavily stressed wall surfaces indoors.

from 27.90 *
1 l = 11.16 €

SÜDWEST Silicon Therm facade paint SW, white

High-quality, water-repellent, silicone resin facade paint against the risk of an algae or fungal attack, e.g. with thermal insulation.

from 70.90 *
1 l = 14.18 €

SÜDWEST Profi XXL, white

Profi XXL combines excellent covering performance, a high shade of whiteness and outstanding processing characteristics.

from 28.90 *
1 l = 11.56 €

SÜDWEST Hydro primer

Primer to reduce the absorbency and solidification of colors or plaster, especially in combination with silicone resin paints.

from 49.90 *
1 l = 9.98 €

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