ARDEX A38, ready-in-4-hours screed binder, 25kg

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1 kg = 2.68 €


Ready-in-4-hours screed binder


Make quick-to-use and ready for further processing cement screeds on insulation layers, separating layer or as composite layer indoors and outdoors.

After 4 hours drying ready for tiling of tiles, natural stone or concrete blocks.

After 2 days drying ready for laying elastic and textile floor coverings as well as parquet.

Dimension-controlled binder system: That means that the drying process is nearly shrinkage- and stress-free.

Matches the requirements of DIN 18560 and EN 13813 (strength classes CT-C35-F4 to CT-C45-F5).

Processing period is up to 60 minutes.


Indoor and outdoor application.

Make quick-ready and usable cement screeds

- as composit

- on seperating layer

- on insulation layer

- as screed with integrated heating elements


For later support of

- tiles

- Natural stone and concrete block slabs

- elastic and textile floor coverings

- Parquet flooring

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