ARDEX AR300 multimortar, 25kg

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1 kg = 2.24 €




On cement basis

Indoors and outdoors. Wall and floor.

Low-tension, waterproof and weatherproof, easy to procett, smoothable with putty and felt-tool.


Building of mineral building boards, gypsum plaster boards, hard foam insulation boards with mortar lamination, etc.

Leveling, filling and plastering of wall and floor surfaces in layer thicknesses of 2 - 30 mm before tiling.

Filling holes, indentations, slots, and outbursts.

Bonding of facing blocks made of aerated concrete and sand-lime brick in static non-relevant areas, such as bathtub and washbasin wall linings, Duschabtrennungen u.ä.

Bonding of stoneware and stoneware tiles with quick initial adhesion and walkability.

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