ARDEX P51, primer and bonding agent

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Primer and bonding agent


For floor, wall and ceiling.

Reliable primer with a wide range of applications.

Primer, bonding and pore closure with water-repellent effect.

Prevents the rise of air bubbles from the substrate during filling.



Primer, precoat, bonding and pore seal with water-repellent effect.

For binding powdery substrate surfaces z. B. on ground, absorbent calcium sulfate and calcium sulphate screed.

For priming cement screeds, for preparing for Filling, leveling and smoothing compounds.

As a bonding agent on smooth concrete floors, especially compacted cement screeds, quenched calcium sulphate screeds, terrazzo, sandstone, tiles and tile coverings when using fillers and thin-bed mortars.

As a bonding agent on old substrates with adhesive filler and adhesive residues.

As a pore seal on concrete floors and cement screeds:

- Prevents the rising of air bubbles from the substrate during subsequent filling work,

- It prevents the escaping of mixing water during following fillings.

For priming on gypsum, calcium sulphate and chipboards for thin-bed mortar.

As a bonding agent on smooth concrete for gypsum-bound wall fillers.

Protective coating for binding dust to leveling and leveling compounds, which are used for a short time as usable surface.

For indoor usage.

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