ARDEX A46 solid external leveling compound, 25kg

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1 kg = 3.12 €


Solid external leveling compound



Filling holes, recesses, bumps, slits, outbursts in floor and wall surfaces.

Mending and leveling steps and pedestals.

Making down-grade
leveling and leveling transitions on floor surfaces.

For indoor and outdoor use.

Easy processing,

smoothable with putty and felt-tool,

quickly accessible,

fast loadable,

without cracks.


Indoors and outdoors. Wall and floor.

Leveling of floor and wall surfaces in layer thicknesses from 2 to 30 mm.

- on concrete, cement screed, masonry (except aerated concrete), plaster of mortar groups P II and P III and other suitable substrates.

- Before tiling of tiles and plate coverings, paints and coatings

- as top layer in normally stressed areas

- under flat filler layers of ARDEX K301 Exterior Filler


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