ARDEX K15DR, smoothing and leveling compound 25kg

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1 kg = 3.00 €


Glätt- und Nivelliermasse


with ARDURAPID effect.

Very low emission.

On cement basis.

With optimized processing and improved yield.

Filling compound,

Leveling compound,

Thin screed,

Self smoothing.

Produces prepared surfaces in one working area for further steps.

Herdens crackfree even in thick layers.

Also to be used on hard cast asphalt pavements.



Smoothing, leveling and filling of cement, mastic asphalt and calcium sulfate screeds as well as other subsoils, for the laying of textile and elastic floor coverings, tiles and boards as well as parquet.

Composite levelling of concrete floors and raw concrete ceilings when laying floorcoverings in all areas and as a wear layer in basements and on roofs.

Self-smoothing, pumpable, crack-free even in thick layers.

For indoor use.

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