ARDEX K33, universal filler 25Kg

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1 kg = 2.28 €




with ARDURAPID effect.

Very low emission.

On cement basis.

Production of evenly absorbent and even surfaces before laying of elastic and textile floor coverings, parquet and tile coverings.

For layer thicknesses of 1.5 - 15 mm, stretched to 30 mm.

Walkable after 2 - 3 hours.

Ready for further steps after 1 day at 10 mm layer thickness.

Self leveling,


excellent filling characteristics,


hardens crackfree.

Finished floor surfaces in one working step.

ARDEX Systemprodukt

Particularly steady bonding properties with ARDEX flooring adhesives.


Smoothing and leveling of cement, mastic asphalt and calcium sulfate screeds, concrete floors and other suitable substrates before laying of textile and elastic floor coverings, tiles and boards as well as parquet.

For indoor use.


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