ARDEX X32 flexible bedding mortar 25Kg

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1 kg = 3.60 €


Flexible bedding mortar


with ARDURAPID effect.

For outdoors and indoors.

Discoloration-free  and efflorescence-free laying of natural stone slabs, natural stone tiles, cast stone and cotto slabs.

Laying of stoneware and porcelain stoneware tiles.

For use in the thin, medium and thick bed method.

Leveling wall and floor surfaces.

After 3 hours walkable / jointable.

Mortar bed thicknesses from 3 to 30 mm.

Water-repellent and weather-stable, quick drying due to crystalline water binding.

Easy processing.

High efficiency.


Indoors and outdoors. Wall and floor.

Discoloration-free and efflorescence-free laying of natural stone tiles and natural stone slabs of marble, Jura marble, granite, quartzite, etc., cotto slabs and cast stone slabs.

Preparation and laying of tiles made of stoneware and porcelain stoneware.


Leveling of wall and floor surfaces before tiling.

Tiling on heated screeds.

Laying on still shrinking surfaces of concrete and masonry (at least 3 months old).


Powder with special cements, fillers, special additives and elastic plastics.

When mixed with water, a smooth, plastic mortar is created, which hardens by hydration with crystalline water binding.

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