ARDEX X78, MICROTEC Flex-Tileadhesive, floor 25Kg

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MICROTEC Flexkleber, Boden


Cement based.

Matches the requirements of level C2 to EN 12004.

Tiling of stoneware tiles and fine stoneware, concrete and natural stone slabs indoors and outdoors

Fiber reinforcement

- Shear stresses are compensated

- Adhesion strengths are improved

- Deformation forces are reduced

Water resistant,



efficient unsage,

easy processing.

Bloomingless because of special additives.

Full bed method without fluid bed behavior.

ARDEX X78 + ARDEX E 90 Kunstharzvergütung = special adhesive with high formability (S2 of EN 12002) and water repellent properties.


Indoor and outdoor. Floor.

Production of a flexible adhesive bed with soft mortar consistency, which allows a fully embedding done by floating method.

Tiling of

- stoneware tiles and fine stoneware

- Mosaic of glass and porcelain

- concrete blocks

- moisture-resistant natural stone slabs

Tiling of tiles and slabs

- on balconies and terraces

- in swimming pools

- on screeds with integrated heating elements

- in high-impact industrial and commercial applications

Tiling on still shrinking concrete surfaces (at least 3 months old).


Powders with cements, fillers, special additives, MICROTEC fibers and flexible operating plastics.

Stirred with water gives a smooth and pasty adhesive mortar. The processing period is approx. 4 hours.

The adhesive hardens by hydration and drying.

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