PUFAS Aqua Deck isolating paint E.L.F, nicotine blocker

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Aqua Deck isolation paint E.L.F

Water-based indoor renovation and isolating paint - top quality with a excellent isolation effect.


PUFAS Aqua-Deck isolating paint E.L.F. reliably and permanently prevents the penetration of stains and contamination of the substrate - e.g. As nicotine deposits, soot, grease and dry water stains, coloring ingredients of plasterboard, OSB and wooden panels.

Solvent-free and low-emission - ideal for sensitive areas such as schools, kindergartens, hotels, offices and the entire living areas.

PUFAS Aqua-Deck isolating paint E.L.F. is suitable as a top coat and also as an insulating base for following steps with wallpaper, emulsion paints and plasters.

Applicable on mineral substrates (such as concrete, gypsum, cement and lime cement plaster, masonry, bricks, etc.) as well as on emulsion paints, synthetic resin plasters, plasterboard and wooden building boards, firmly adhering wallpaper and woodchip. Also ideal for non-solvent-resistant substrates such as polystyrene and rigid foam boards.

Excellent for coating acoustic insulation ceiling panels based on mineral fibers (tested by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics according to norm DIN EN ISO 354:

2003, Report No .: P-BA 160/2011, Test Objects S 10395-01 and S 10395-02).

Technical specifications:

Material base: synthetic resin emulsion, titanium dioxide, additives, fillers

Density: approx. 1.5 g / cm³

Color: white

Consumption: approx. 150 ml / m² per coat - depending on the substrate

GISBAU Product Code: M-DF01

Quality according to norm DIN EN 13300:

Contrast ratio: Class 1 at a coverage of 7 m² / l

Wet abrasion resistance: Class 2

Gloss level: matt
Max. Grain size: fine

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