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SC-WOOD-DEGRAYER is an effective cleaner based on oxalic acid.

The cleaner brightens graying wood, removes dirt from the substrate and can also be used on plastics, concrete and stone. According to the principle of absorbtion, the WOOD-DEGRAYER penetrates very deeply into the pores of the subsoil and thus removes even dirt. It does not bleach or damage the substrate, it cleans and brightens the original color of the wood.


SC-WOOD-DEGRAYER is both cleaner and brightener. It cleans wood (even pressure impregnated wood and hardwood varieties), plastic, concrete and stone. The WOOD DEGRAYER removes discoloration, stains, and concrete / stone surfaces, even light rust marks are removed from the substrate. With the help of the wood-degrayer, the wood freed after the stripping / pickling of colors is cleaned, the alkalinity is neutralized and the natural color is restored. Oxidation, dirt and yellowing on GRP, gelcoat and stone / concrete are gently eliminated.


Wood is cleaned deep-down, wood color is restored without grinding;

also removes weather-related contamination from plastic (GRP), stone and exposed aggregate concrete


Color: bluish, milky

Shelf life: at least 3 years for frost-free storage in the closed genuine

Packaging (do not refill in metal container)

Exposure time: approx. 10 - 20 minutes

Drying time before reworking: at least 2 -3 days

Consumption: heavily grayed wood: undiluted approx. 200 ml / m²

for cleaning dilute 1: 5 with water approx. 50 ml / m²


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