ARDEX AF460 MS Premium, 18kg

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1 kg = 7.38 €



Elastic SMP-adhesive


  •     Approved by building authorities
  •     Parquet adhesive metches norm DIN 14293
  •     Solvent and water-free
  •     Ready to use, 1-component
  •     Elastic and mild to surface
  •     No priming necessary
  •     Easy to spread
  •     Fast development of strength


Indoor and outdoor.

For the force-fit connection of cracks, dummy joints and breakouts. As an adhesive for nail rails, rails and profiles made of metal, wood and natural stone and artificial stone and other compatible materials.

As an adhesive for various floor coverings, such as parquet, laminate etc. The suitability must be ensured before.

Suitable for screeds and sreeds with integrated heating elements.


Silane-modified polymer which is cured by reaction with moisture.

Material requirements:

approx. 800 - 1500g / m² depending on the used spatula


Open time:

approx. 40 minutes

setting time:

approx. 24 - 48 hours

Surface treatment:

earliest after 24 hours

Storage time:

approx. 12 months in the original sealed container


Bucket 18kg

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