GEIGER Chemie no.24 Anti graffiti finish

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No.24 Anti Graffity Finish

Anti Graffity Finish is a sacrifical protection layer for absorbent surfaces, which dries with a matte finish.


This product is a pore-lining and highly breathable protective coating that needs to be partially renewed after removal of the paint smudges. At the same time, Anti Graffiti Finish hinders the absobtion of water and pollutants into the ground. The material is silicone- and wax-free and can be painted over any time. After a period of 4-5 years, the system must be renewed. Anti Graffity Finish can be applied to all absorbent surfaces such as Facades, plasters, full thermal insulation, concrete, clinker, natural stone, marble, wood, etc. Not suitable for hydrophobic and water-repellent surfaces. Surfaces which are exposed to (rear) moisture should not be coated (e.g., freestanding walls). Fiber cement boards must also be coated on all sides in the edge area / cutting edges and on the drill holes. Otherwise, the coating specifications of the board manufacturers must be adhered to.


Silicone and wax-free = therefore can be painted over at any time with common emulsion paint

Low SD value

Dries with a matt finish

Tested according to the regulations of the Anti Graffiti e.V. and according to the WTA guidelines

Registered in the Bast-Liste

Technical specifications:

Material base: water-miscible polymer resins

Batch ratio: undiluted

Consumption: depending on the substrate 150 - 600 ml / m²


1 L spray bottle / 5L canister

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