OTTOSEAL® A210 well priced acrylic sealant, white

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Otto Chemie


Well priced acrylic sealant / white



  •      1K-acrylate sealant
  •      Permissible total deformation according to norm ISO 9046 (manufacturer's test) 10%
  •      less smell
  •      Coatability according to norm DIN 52452
  •      Can be stored and transportated up to 48 hours at max. -10°C


  •      Suitable for interior decoration
  •      Expansion joints and connecting joints with low stress, e.g. between wooden window frames, door frames and masonry, plaster or concrete indoors.
  •      Joints and connections to concrete, gas concrete, plaster, masonry, wood, plasterboard, fiber cement, roller shutter boxes, window sills etc. indoors


Cartridge of 300ml

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