SIGMA Sol silicate facade paint

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Sol silicate fascade paint


SIGMA Sol silicate fascade paint is a high-quality, highly diffusible silicate paint which is

Silica sol / water glass based. Matches the requirements of VOB / C, norm DIN 18363 section 2.4.1.


- versatile applicable

- excellent adhesion

- Certified for historical buildings

- weather resistant

- High water vapor and CO2 permeability

- highly water repellent

- Easy to process

- lighresistant pigmented

- UV stable and alkali resistant

- non-thermoplastic, low tendency to fouling

- free of solvents and plasticizers

- mineral matt


For high-quality coatings and renovation coatings of load-bearing, silicate-, dispersion- and silicone-resin-bound paints and plasters as well as for mineral substrates of the mortar groups PIc, P II and P III. Expertly tested and suitable for the renovation of old buildings and historic buildings.

Color shade:


Bucket size:

5 / 12.5L


Approximately 1.55 g / cc


Approximately 200 ml / m2 per coating on a smooth surface. Exact consumption determined
by test coating.

Drying time:

Surface dry after approx. 4 hours, recoatable after approx. 8 hours, completely dried after approx. 7 days, based on + 20 ° C. and 65% rel. Humidity.

At high humidity and / or low temperature the drying time is delayed.

Characteristics according to norm DIN EN 1062:

Gloss level:

Matt G3

Dry film thickness> 100 - 200 μm E3


Max. Grain size:

<100 μm S1


Water vapor permeability (sd value):

<0.14 m (high) V1


Water permeability (w value):

<0.1 [kg / (m2 · h 0.5)] (low) W3


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