ARDEX S8 Flow selflevelling waterproof coating, 15kg

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selflevelling waterproof coating


Waterproofing under tiles and slabs for indoor, outdoor and swimming pool areas

Powdery, one-component and odorless

Excellent flow and smoothness characteristics

Long processability

Spreadable and applicable with putty

processable while standing

quick and economical processing through self-smoothing




Pressure water tight up to 5 bar

Also suitable for gradient surfaces

Suitable for layer thicknesses up to 5 mm

Approved by the building authorities for the production of a composite seal in heavily loaded areas

Wet areas of stress classes A and B according to »

zur Erteilung eines allgemeinen bauaufsichtlichen Prüfzeugnisses für flüssig zu

verarbeitende Abdichtungen im Verbund mit Fliesen- und Plattenbelägen



At floors Indoors and outdoors.

Sealing of floor surfaces under tiles and slabs under stresses occurring on balconies and terraces, in swimming pools, shower rooms, bathrooms, shower areas, sanitary facilities in public and commercial areas with floor drains.

Sealing of floor surfaces of stress classes A and B in accordance with the test principles for the issuing of a general building inspectorate test certificate (eg public showers, swimming pools, walkways, etc.) as well as for load classes A0 and B0 in not

To compensate for unevenness up to a total thickness of 5 mm.

On substrates from:

Concrete, cement screeds, calcium sulphate flowcoats, dry screeds, old tiles and slabs (sanding glazed and polished surfaces), screeds with integrated heating elements and other suitable substrates.


Powder with special cements, fillers, special additives and elastic working plastics.

When mixed with water, a smooth, spreadable, rollable and trowelable mortar is created

and hardens by hydration and drying.

The hardened sealing layer is permanently waterproof and flexible.

Package unit:

15kg plastic bag

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