ARDEX PU 5, quick repair resin 1kg

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Quick repair resin



Indoors and outdoors.

For friction locked connections of cracks, dummy joints and outbursts. As an adhesive for nail bars, rails and profiles made of metal, wood, natural and artificial stone and other compatible materials.

As an adhesive for various floor coverings, such as parquet, laminate, etc. The suitability must be ensured before.

Suitable for unheated screeds and heated screeds.


ARDEX PU 5 quick repair resin is supplied in a twin can consisting of component A (resin) and component B (hardener). The attachment contains the shaft connectors supplied.

Mixing ratio:

Component A: 815 g can

Component B: 185 g can


about 1.5 kg / l


Resin: gray

Hardener: beige

Material needs:

The material requirements depend on the width and depth of the joints and cracks. Closing of dummy joints requires approx. 200 g / m.

processing time

(+20 ° C): approx. 10 min.

load-bearing capacity

(+20 ° C): 20 min.

Package unit:

Twin can with 815 g resin / 185 g hardener + shaft connector

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