ARDEX B14 concrete repair mortar, 25kg

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Concrete repair mortar


  •     Based on WSZ 32.5 R-SF
  •     Approval no. Z-3.12-1206
  •     For repairing, filling and smoothing surface defects at structural components made of concrete.
  •     Hard and durable like concrete


Repairing of load-bearing components made of old and new concrete in thick and thin layers such as:

Filling holes, eruptions and defects, repairing and smoothing concrete wall and ceiling surfaces, exposed concrete, precast concrete and cement plaster.

Dilluted with sand for filling and leveling, for example before laying tiles with thin bed method, on concrete, cement plaster and masonry.

For repairing, filling and smoothing of visible concrete.

Outdoors and indoors, on dry or damp surface.


When mixed with water, a supple, pasty, stable mortar is formed, which is easy to process and hardens by hydration and drying in every layer thickness.

The cement-gray putty surfaces are water and weather resistant.

Technical data according to ARDEX quality standard:

Mixing ratio:

about 6.25 l of water: 25 kg of powder


ca.1 water: 3 1/4 powder

Bulk weight: about 1.2 kg / l

Weight of the mortar: approx. 1.9 kg / l

Material needed: approx. 1.4 kg of powder per m2 and mm

processing time

(+20 ° C): approx. 30 min.

Compressive strength: approx. 15 N / mm2 after 7 days

after 28 days approx. 20 N / mm2

Bending tensile strength: approx. 4 N / mm2 after 7 days

after 28 days approx. 7 N / mm2

pH value: approx. 12

Corrosion behavior: contains no corrosion on steel

promotional ingredients

Package unit:

25kg paper bag


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