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ARDEX G8S flexible tile grout 1-6, quick

Flex joint tile grout 1-6mm for indoors and outdoors, quick hardening and resilient, high strength, dirt-repellent.

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Büchner ERBEDOL rust and bonding primer

For indoor and outdoor application, anti-rust primer and bonding primer for bare and rusted steel, primer for hard plastics.

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CWS Duo Top lacquer, satin white

Satin finished all-round lacquer. Solvent-based all-in-one system for priming and finishing coat. Suitable for indoor and outdoor coatings.

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CWS Metallisé iron mica coating

Decorative corrosion protection coating for steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals and rigid PVC.

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FEIDAL liquid plastic concrete coating

Concrete paint PU-reinforced, for balconies, basements, damp rooms, stairs, etc., oil resistant, also for wood.

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LUCITE House Paint, white

Perfect for application on concrete, masonry surface, thermal insulation, plaster, fiber cement, old elastic coatings, wood, hard PVC, etc.

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SCHULLER Mercato 20 30 40 50 60 80, flat paintbrush

Flat paintbrush for primers, glazes, water- and solvent-based paints. Bright bristle, yellow handle, galvanized bracket.

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Hygiene mask / op mask / mouth nose cover

Hygienic mask, cleaning work, spit protection, ergonomic fit, comfortable and highly breathable, perfect fit, multi-layer

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