LUCITE® LacTec - LUCITE® Facade protection and wood-based lacquers - LUCITE® Housepaint

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LUCITE House Paint, white

Perfect for application on concrete, masonry surface, thermal insulation, plaster, fiber cement, old elastic coatings, wood, hard PVC, etc.

from 32.90 *

LUCITE Contact Primer, white

Can be used as an adhesion supporting primer on critical surfaces suitable indoor and outdoor.

from 83.90 *
1 l = 33.56 €

LUCITE 2K-PUR Xtreme satin 0.9L + hardener 0.1L

Coloured laquer for coating of mechanically and chemically stressed surfaces indoors and outdoors.

69.90 *
In stock
Delivery period: 3 working days
Delivery weight: 1.5 kg

LUCITE All-Top Aqua satin

Satin-gloss, water-based, thick-layered all-round lacquer. Suitable without unsing an additional primer.

from 36.90 *

LUCITE Gloss color, white lacquer

Glossy varnish, water-dilutable, for wood-based materials, metals, hard plastics and mineral substrates indoors and outdoors.

from 85.90 *
1 l = 34.36 €

LUCITE PU matt color, white

Matt colored PU-lacquer, water-thinnable. For wood materials, metals, hard plastics and mineral surfaces.

from 32.90 *
1 l = 43.87 €

LUCITE MultiResist PRO

Antibacterial  wall and ceiling paint for interior with deep matt finish and fine gradient. Against fungi and algae. Preservative-free.

from 40.90 *
1 l = 16.36 €

Delivery period: 3 working days

LUCITE 2K-EpoxyPrimer, white

Water-dilutable 2-component epoxy resin - universal primer for rigid, non-absorbent surfaces.

from 65.90 *

LUCITE IsoLack Satin, white

Water-dilutable topcoat with insulating and barrier effect of water-soluble wood ingredients and on soot- / nicotine-soiled wood surfaces.

from 84.90 *
1 l = 33.96 €

Delivery period: 3 working days
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