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Duo Top Satin

Satin finished allround lacquer. Solvent-based all-in-one system for priming and topcoat. Suitable for indoor and outdoor coatings.



Inside and outside. For satin finished lacquering of wooden surfaces, roofs, garage doors, window frames / door surfaces, gutters, waterspouts, facade claddings, railings, wood materials, hard PVC, firm old paints and aluminum. Copper, galvanizing, iron and steel after appropriate priming. For the rework of firm coil coating surfaces and powder coatings.

All-in-one system for priming and top coat.

Product features:


  •     white colour
  •     ventilating 2-layer lacquer with direct adhesion
  •     good edge coverage
  •     fuller, smoothing
  •     excellent resistance to UV and weather due to silicone content
  •     high stability up to 200μm
  •     fast, easy processing
  •     isolates wooden ingredients

Gloss level:

25 - 35 E. (60 ° angle / laboratory values ​​// compensatory gloss after approx. 3 days)


ca.120 ml / m² / coating on a vertical surface


about 1.31 g / ml

Viscosity: The material is processable.

Drying at 20 ° C / 60% rel. humidity:

Dust dry after approx. 2 - 3 hours

Track-free after approx. 4-6 hours.

Dried after 16 - 20 hrs.

Shelf life: At least 1 year if cool, dry and frost-free in the original packaging .




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