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At we attach great importance to the sustainability and compatibility of our actions - out of conviction.


1.) The packaging materials

At we have been using over 98% (by weight) of renewable natural materials for our shipping packaging for many years. Both cartons and the filling material are compostable if necessary and are 100% biodegradable.


2.) The packaging quantity

Basically, we at try to use not more packaging than necessary for safe transport. No superfluous outer packaging or advertising packaging is used. But we have to move within a certain framework: In some cases, the logistics companies set a minimum standard below which the conditions of carriage are violated. In some cases, we also have to comply with legal minimum requirements, e.g. for dangerous goods.


3.) Recycling is affiliated to the Interseroh Recycling Association and is therefore involved in financing the recycling and recovery of the packaging placed on the market


4.) Avoiding returns

Returns are very common in the mail order business, but often not necessary. Although they are below average in the consumables business, we also want to improve this. From our point of view, each return is one transport trip too many. Therefore, we rely on the responsibility of our customers and no longer offer free returns, which has further reduced the quota. We think it is reasonable to read the product descriptions before buying and to find out about the scope or e.g. To have informed color in advance. In this way, returns can be reduced to a minimum.