FEIDAL liquid plastic concrete coating pebblegray 0.75L

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Concrete paint PU-reinforced, for balconies, basements, damp rooms, stairs, etc., for indoors and outdoors, chlorine-free, mild-smelling, silky-glossy, good resistance to heating oil and machine oil, also suitable for wood substrates.


For sealing and coating concrete floors and walls, storage floors, basements (note solvent content) and stairs. Also suitable for wood and metal substrates. Indoors and outdoors. Not suitable for areas exposed to water stress permanently.

After hardening it is resistant to abrasion, can be loaded for a short time with products containing mineral oil, conditionally resistant to diluted acids and alkalis.

Technical data:


Approximately 1.25 g / ml


Not leaking in the 4mm DIN cup

Gloss level:

satin gloss

Drying times (at 20C and 65% relative humidity):

Dust-dry approx. 2 hours,

reworkable approx. 16 hours,

loadable approx. 48 hours


Brush and roll about 100ml / m ".

For spray applications, the values ​​may be up to 50% lower depending on surface and process.

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