ARDEX PanDOMO W1 2.0 white, decor spatula 5Kg

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1 kg = 13.18 €


Decor spatula / white


For the design of wall and ceiling surfaces in the interior.

Cement plastic base.

Hardens and dries quickly, low stress and crack-free at all coating thicknesses.

Easy to process.

Excellent adhesion.

Very efficient.


Creation of representative design-surfaces, e.g. in exhibition rooms, foyers, public buildings, sales areas and in private residential areas.


White powder made of special cements, elastic plastic powders, selected fillers and special additives.

The powder is stirred with water to a supple mass, which can be easily applicated also in thin and thick layers and can be processed for approx. 30 minutes before drying.

Dried layers are low-stress and diffusion-free.

PANDOMO® W1 is non-corrosive.


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