ARDEX WA Epoxi tile adhesive - 4kg

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Epoxi tile adhesive


  •     Epoxy resin adhesive
  •     Matches the R2 requirements of norm EN 12004
  •     For preparing and laying ceramic tiles, slabs, clinker tiles, split tiles and mosaics
  •     resistant to chemicals
  •     Highly resilient
  •     Easy to process
  •     Good stability


Indoors and outdoors. Wall and floor.

Preparation and laying of ceramic tiles, slabs, clinker tiles, split tiles and mosaic under stress, against which cementitious mortars are not sufficiently resilient or unstable. z. As in slaughterhouses, dairies, commercial kitchens, breweries, battery rooms, swimming pools and spas and other areas where chemical or high mechanical loads occur.


Gray epoxy resin adhesive mortar consisting of pasty resin and hardener components.

The 4 kg unit contains 3 kg of base resin paste and 1 kg of hardener paste.

ARDEX WA Epoxy Adhesive is water resistant, frost and weather resistant after hardening, has excellent strength and is nearly insoluble on any suitable substrate such as concrete, cement screeds, cement plaster, terrazzo saws and old tiles.

Chemical resistance according to AQS:

Resistant to:

sewage *

Ammonia, conc.

Calcium hydroxide, saturated

Chromic acid 5%

Developer Solution (Photogr.)

ethylene glycol


Fixing solution (Photogr.)

Hydrofluoric acid 1%

Formalin solution 3%


household cleaners

heating oil

Potash, saturated

Automotive gasoline


Methyl alcohol <50%

Lactic acid 10%


Sodium hydroxide, saturated

vegetable fats

Phosphoric acid <50%

Nitric acid <10%

Hydrochloric acid <36%

Sulfuric acid <80%


animal fat

Hydrogen peroxide <10%

Tartaric acid, saturated

Citric acid, saturated

sugar solution

* In the case of industrial waste water suitability is to be checked in individual cases!

Temporary resistant to:

Formic acid 1%

5% acetic acid

Ethyl alcohol, conc.

Hydrofluoric acid 5%

Lactic acid 20%

Nitric acid <40%

Not resistant to:


3% formic acid

Butanone (MEK)


Acetic acid> 10%

ethyl acetate

Hydrofluoric acid> 5%

methylene chloride

Lactic acid> 20%

Nitric acid, conc.

Mixing ratio:

is specified by the containersizes

weight of the fresh mortar:

about 1.5 kg / l

Material needed:

for application on a smooth surface

about 1.5 kg / m2

notched trowel with 3 x 3 x 3 mm,

approx. 2.7 kg / m2

notched trowel with
6 x 6 x 6 mm,

approx. 3.7 kg / m2

notched trowel with 8 x 8 x 8 mm


Bucket of 3 kg ARDEX WA base paste

can with 1kg ARDEX WA hardener

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