ARDEX AF800 Universal Tackifier, 10kg

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1 kg = 10.09 €


Universal Tackifier


• Wide range of applications

• Very efficient

• Good adhesive characteristics

• Water-removable

• Very low emission

Scope of application:

Adhesive, water-soluble, rollable and trowellable fixation for fixing of:

- textile coverings with fleece backing

- textile coverings with textile backings

- textile coverings with foam backing

- CV coverings

- ARDEX DS 40 sound insulation and decoupling material

on absorbent surfaces and on existing coverings.

ARDEX AF 800 is characterized by its very long processability, high tack and good water emulsifiability.


Polymer dispersions, natural resin, mineral fillers, water, additives and preservatives: isothiazolinone

Package size:

Bucket 10kg

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