GUTJAHR IndorTec FN 3.0 Starter Kit Leveling System beige

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IndorTec FN Levelling System Starter Kit 3 mm


The IndorTec® FN levelling system accurately aligns tiles and slabs, including large formats. Unevenness caused by height differences is a thing of the past. Usage is extremely simple with just 3 manual operations: Push on, lock, turn to fix. IndorTec® FN anchors itself in the open joint, therefore causing no scratches or impressions whatsoever in the surface of the covering.


Advantages of the IndorTec FN

  • Simple tile levelling system
    for evenly aligned floor coverings.
  • Prevents raised edges and protrusions in the covering.
  • Does not cause scratches or impressions
    on the covering surface.
  • Uniform covering level with just 3 manual operations:
    1. Push on,
    2. Lock,
    3. Turn to fix


The Starter Kit contains:

  • for joint width 3 mm
  • 100 pull tabs
  • 300 thread tabs


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