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Flex joint tile grout 1-6mm for indoors and outdoors, fast hardening and resilient, high strength, dirt-repellent.

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Creation of representative design-surfaces, e.g. in exhibition rooms, foyers, sales areas and in private residential areas.

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1 kg = 8.53 €

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Sealing set for flexible and watertight bridging of joints and lead-througs which are in the risk of getting cracks.

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Effect varnish for outdoor and indoor application, e.g. rolling and spraying with a plastically, like hammered  surface

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Satin finished all-round lacquer. Solvent-based all-in-one system for priming and finishing coat. Suitable for indoor and outdoor coatings.

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1 l = 38.32 €

The interior wall paint with good value. Easy to process, breathable, free of emissions and solvents.

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Concrete paint PU-reinforced, for balconies, basements, damp rooms, stairs, etc., oil resistant, also for wood.

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Barrier base and sealing for porous stone and concrete surfaces. Can be used as primer, barrier base and binder.

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